Workouts for Women

I’m going to be bold and say that I’m an expert on developing workouts for women.

In fact, workouts for women are my specialty.

Let me explain….

Obviously I’m a woman. In fact, I’m a woman in my late 40’s, (I have a hard time believing that myself) but given my age, I’ve had my share of training experiences. I’ve done it all.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I started my exercising career as a competitive swimmer. You can check out this blog ‘Lessons Learned Under Water‘ for a fun look at my humble fitness beginnings.

Early on I learned a ton about training: volume, intensity, variety or training variables, cross training, etc. This was the start of my apprenticeship in learning about workouts for women.

Trust me, you can’t spend 15 hours plus training per week without picking up a few tips.

Since training was my passion from about the age of 6, I was able to parlay this training know-how into other fitness endeavors.

After I finished my competitive swimming career in university, I moved to the gym and to the ski hill. I took up weight training to improve my physique and freestyle skiing for a thrill. Since I’m a competitive person, I entered competition in both areas and competed nationally.

Again, these experiences taught me more about training and I’ve learned to apply this to developing more effective workouts for women.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned to apply to workouts for women to keep workouts effective:

  • Cross train – never do the same workout over and over again (unless you don’t want results)
  • Get a coach – no offense to my early swim coaches, but I think I would have been more successful with a more experienced coach. When I swam varsity, I swam under Derek Snelling who at the time was the Olympic swim coach and I got amazing results in a much shorter time. Speaking of coaches, if you want amazing results, check out my coaching program here.
  • Nutrition is key – whether you’re training for performance, aesthetics or both, you can never out train poor nutritional choices
  • Listen to your body – very few people experience ‘over training’ with recreational exercise (that is, if you’re not getting ready for a competition of some sort), however, the body does break down and you need to listen, pay attention and modify training to avoid over use injuries
  • Love what you’re doing – train with passion and intensity to get the best results

workouts for womenworkouts for women

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