Fat Loss Tips for Women

Fat Loss Tips for Women – 29 Ways to Fit Into Your Jeans Better

Who isn’t looking for easy ways to lose an inch or two? The thing is, it’s the small things that make big differences. What are some of my fat loss tips for women?

fat loss tips for women

So many ladies I speak with tend to be ‘all or nothing’. That is, if they’re on their fitness game, they’re doing all the right things with exercise and nutrition. But for many, this never seems to last. One of the reasons is that they may be so strict or disciplined that they’re totally out of their comfort zone and they always fall back to ‘default’. I’m all for living a fairly disciplined life when it comes to food and working out, but not everyone is ready to jump in with both feet. For some, just doing a moderate 20 minute workout and cutting out junk food on a daily basis is a huge step. You need to get into the fitness and fat loss game on your own terms or else you’ll be a flash in the pan. You’ll be back on the couch cozied up to Miss Vicki’s chips in no time if you move too far too fast.

Small changes make all the difference and it’s easier to incorporate one small change a week for several weeks than to make sweeping changes all at once. By allowing yourself time to adjust, you’ll feel less deprived and controlled, and more in control of your fitness and fat loss journey.

Several of my 24-7 clients are learning this. When they start the program with me, they think I’m gonna throw down the hammer and be on their case for every little thing. While I’m a constant nag and definitely on their case about improving their fitness and nutritional habits, I understand that the goal of any program is to make LASTING changes and this can’t happen in an entirely deprived environment. I tell my clients that the fitness/fat loss journey is a marathon and not a sprint.

So I thought I’d share some tiny tips that you could possibly start to incorporate over time. These are things that I do and many of my clients have found helpful:

  • Drink a glass of water when you get up.

  • Add a tablespoon of psyllium to water at about 4 pm to curb your appetite and increase dietary fiber. (Oh, you’ll have to drink it, I add some greens to give it some flavor).

  • No white bread! Maybe on a special ‘cheat meal’.

  • Any bread eaten should be heavy, full grain. My fav? Silver Hills Squirrelly Bread.

  • Eat your starchy carbs earlier in the day, the evening meal should be mostly veggies and protein.

  • Eat as much fish as possible (learn to cook more fish dishes!).

  • Eat egg whites, most of the muscle repairing protein is in the white. If you want to limit fat, reduce the egg yolks you eat. The cholesterol in the egg yolk is off set somewhat by the eating the egg white with it, so reduce the number of straight egg yolks you consume.

  • Eat berries, berries, berries – all kinds, my favorite fruit.

  • Kiss a Greek for making low fat, high protein Greek yogurt.

  • Eat walnuts in Greek yogurt.

  • Limit caffeine consumption. I have coffee ONLY before I workout.

  • Include a little protein with every meal and snack.

  • Go easy on the artificial sweeteners, like none if possible.

  • Cut out or limit diet pop/soda.

  • Ask for what you want in a restaurant, servers are there to serve you so even if you pay a little extra, it’s worth it to get a healthier meal.

  • Be aware of situations that are triggers to over eating and guard against them, make a plan to conquer!

  • Enjoy a guilt free ‘cheat meal’ once a week.

  • If you’re gonna have chocolate, have the best! Admission: I have a small amount of chocolate almost everyday. The key is the quantity. Note I said ‘small’.

  • Always stop eating BEFORE you feel full, wait 10 minutes and eat more only if you’re still hungry.

  • Drink more water.

  • Don’t drink calories such as juice.

  • If you’re boozing it up, go for mixed drinks with no calorie mix like club soda and lime. My fav? Gin or vodka, soda, a splash of cranberry juice and lime.

  • Chase every alcohol drink with water.

  • Did I mention drink more water? My dietitian says that you expend up to 10 calories peeing: if I pee 10 times a day, that’s an easy 100 calories burned!

  • Limit late night snacking to protein and veggie choices. This limits your choices and sometimes it’s just easier to go to bed!

  • Don’t have junk food in the house.

  • If you do have junk food, make sure it’s wrapped up, sealed or in a place that everyone can see you sneaking some.

  • Tell your friends and family you’re eating a nutritionally dense diet to support your health and their support is invaluable.

  • Enjoy food, be mindful when you eat rather than multi-task and eat while distracted so you don’t even notice that you’re eating.

There you have it: 29 killer points that you can start to incorporate slowly so that over time you’ll improve your eating so that your jeans fit better.

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