Women’s Fat Loss Plan

Are you looking for a women’s fat loss plan?

You’ve come to the right place. If you stay close to my blog, you’ll have all the information that you need.

Sadly, most people think a women’s fat loss plan needs to be complicated and expensive. In fact, it’s pretty basic. You need to incorporate sensible eating habits and daily exercise. I know this doesn’t sound new or sexy, but that’s what works. The key is to include BOTH nutritional awareness and proper exercise in your fat loss plan.

First off, you need to check your nutrition. Have you ever heard the saying ‘ab’s are built in the kitchen’? or ‘you can never out-train a bad diet’? All true. Once you’re exercising, your nutrition accounts for 80% of how you look. Your mother was correct when she said ‘you are what you eat’.

Women's fat loss plan
Women's Fat Loss Plan


Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that your diet doesn’t play a key role in any women’s fat loss plan. But, don’t let anyone try to sell you on the idea that your diet or nutritional plan needs to be some whacky plan like lemon juice, maple syrup and cayene pepper. (Honestly, how many have fallen for that ‘cleanse’?)

There’s no need for any kind of ‘cleanse’ or crazy diet if you eat clean food 80% of the time. The problem is, most people have a poor diet 80% of the time and they think that they can clean their colon, or get rid of all their toxins with a 10 day ‘cleanse’. WRONG.

How about just eating properly?

Clearly, common sense eating isn’t so common.

STOP putting your body through this roller coaster of poor eating and just try these eight things:

  • 5-6 meals per day
  • eat low glycemic carbohydrates (cut out the white stuff!)
  • eat protein with every meal
  • don’t drink calories
  • stop eating before you’re full
  • cut out the junk!
  • include a ton of veggies, especially in the evening meal
  • add more fruit and less sugar from processed sources

You’ll find all the nutritional support you need in a women’s fat loss plan in my program here.