Count Down to a New You: Full Body Workout

How many times have you found yourself in need of a quick and simple to follow workout? Here’s a great full body workout that you can do in your back yard, while you’re camping, in a hotel gym or anywhere you find yourself. If you don’t have a dumb bell for the one arm DB row, you’d be surprised how heavy your bleach bottle can be! Get creative and lift anything from a full bleach bottle to a bag with bricks! (As long as you’re using good form…)


This is a countdown set. Do 10 of the following, then 9 of the following, then 8 of the following etc:

• 10 burpees
• 10 one arm DB row
• 10 one arm DB row
• 10 squat jumps
• 10 push ups
• 10 mountain climbers
• 10 bicycle crunches

If you want more easy to follow (but not necessarily easy to do!) workouts, check out my program HERE.