24/7 Progress Report – Week One

Hi, Sara here! I’m Shawna’s client featured a few posts ago. I’m back, as promised, to keep you posted on my progress in her 24/7 Virtual Coaching program. If you’re curious about how I got started and what working with Shawna has been like for me so far, read the posts from my blog Amid the Olive Trees: My Latest Project, Why I Fight the Fat, The Shawna Workouts, The Shawna Diet and last, but certainly not least, I Did It!

When I finished Shawna’s 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program, there was no question in my mind . . . I had discovered a new way of life! I couldn’t believe that I had been lucky enough to find someone who told me what to eat and how to workout each day. All I had to do was follow instructions and, wow, I had fantastic results. I decided then and there that those 21 days were only the beginning for me. Now when Shawna tells me how high to jump . . . I jump! ‘Cause I know that every day that I do what she tells me, I am one day closer to the fit and healthy body I have always dreamed of.

Today is the last day of my first week on Shawna’s 24/7 Virtual Coaching program. It’s been a full and busy week.  The thing I like the best about this program is that I don’t ever have to decide how I’m going to workout or what I’m going to eat. If I had that responsibility, I can assure you that I would be exercising irregularly at best and eating any old thing I could get my hands on.

Like many of you, I am a busy working mother. My children and I are on vacation from school, but while they have long days of leisure, I am still working out of my home office full time. A fitness program that can be done at home might sound like a lifesaver for over-extended women like me, but the very first thing I found I had to do was to defend my right to my exercise time and place.

Not that my family is against what I’m doing, per se. It’s just that my exercise routine kind gets in their way. There’s my younger son who always has something urgent and “important” to tell me. If he had his way, I would stop my workout every two minutes to give him my full and undivided attention. My older son gets irritated by the sound of Shawna talking on her videos, by the choice of music that accompanies the workouts, by the fact that the volume on my workouts competes with the volume on his TV program, by the fact that I am taking up space in the living-room . . . okay, let’s admit it, everything annoys him, but he’s 14 . . . enough said! My husband thinks I’m just plain crazy to be exerting myself so much, he laughs at me in my workout clothes and calls me . . . are you ready for this? . . . Jane Fonda!

I could have given in to their undermining pressures. I could have felt guilty about not listening right then to my son, or about bothering my teen, or felt embarrassed by my husband’s silly comments. But I decided that my health and well-being were important enough to stand up for. So, I laid down the law.

No interruptions allowed. The workout only lasts 30-40 minutes! I’m gonna do it where and when I want to and the rest of the family is just going to have to deal with that. It took a few reminders along the way, but my firm repetition of “this is my workout time, please respect it” has sunk in. Now, when they see me coming with my Jane Fonda outfit on, jump rope and dumbbells in hand, nobody messes with me!

If you want to learn about the 24/7 Virtual Coaching program, you can go here.