Full Body Circuit Follow Along

Members, are you looking for a great at home workout? Here’s a compete follow along workout that my awesome super-trainer Krista took my boot campers through.  You can view the video while you’re exercising. You can see the exercises by scrolling under all the videos to a list. (If you need to, head over to the exercise library to check out each exercise, or just watch the video and go!)


Dynamic Warm Up


Full Body/Ab Circuit 1: 50 sec work/10 sec rest

Full Body Circuit 2: 50 seconds work/10 seconds rest

5 Minutes of Stretching & Cool Down

Here are those exercises:

Inchworm Push Up

Squat to Military Press

DB Row L/R (change arms half way)

Reverse Lunge (change legs half way)

DB Single Leg Dead Lift (change legs half way)

Knee In (one knee at a time coming in)

Plank Reach

Shoe Touch

Leg raise/hip lift

Spider Crawl