One Tip to Do the Human Flag

As you may know, my latest challenge is to learn how to do the human flag. It’s no easy task! I’ve been trying for two weeks now, making some attempts and adding some training exercises to help out.

I figured you’d want to check up on my progress and I have one tip for you here in this video:

I’m doing a variety of things to help with this challenge which has sadly led me to this:

Not sure what’s exactly going on, just a road bump, nothing a little ice and TLC can’t solve. I have a matching ache on the other arm, so the ice bag has a permanent home between the right and left arms. This is slowing progress down obviously. I have a history of epicondylitis so I’m sure this is more of the same. (Given that I’m not a medical doc or anything though, it’s worth getting checked out.)

I’ll keep you posted!

Hey, is anyone making progress out there?

Is anyone even out there?

Or am I just talking to myself?

A little feedback goes a long way you know, post a comment for me!!