Everything But the Kitchen Sink Full Body Intervals

Here’s a great full body workout for you:

Here’s a run down of the exercises that you’ll do.  This isn’t a follow along video, I’ve just taken clips from each station so that you’ll see what the exercises are.

Dynamic warm up – Still working on a better warm up, for now, you can follow along with this one or do your own for 3-5 minutes.
40 seconds of work/10 seconds rest or transition (alternate each exercise below) Repeat each set of exercises twice…

hamstring curl on gliders/speed skater lunge jump
bench step up/jumping jacks
bench Dips/pulsing squat
band side squat walk/penquin walk
DB row left/right
wall sit w/bicep curl/squat jump w/ side touch

Feedback? Let me know how you make out and how I can help you more.