Don’t Make Me Count Intervals

Here’s a great 12 minute video for you to follow along to at home. I suggest doing each set twice through and you’ve got a great full body workout plus you’ll really hit that bum and hamstrings in the second set.

Here’s your workout:

Dynamic warm up: Ignore the poor sound quality on this one! I’ll get you a better warm up soon, but this shows how you can do some dynamic stretching of all your muscles and joints.
30/05 Intervals:

push ups
mountain climbers
tri over head press
squat jump side touch
weighted squat
pulsing squat
lunge slide left – with a glider/towel
lunge slide right – with a glider/towel
spinter start skip hop right

20/10 Intervals:

DB deadlift
DB stiff leg deadlift
reverse bridge pulse
reverse bridge right leg extented
reverse bridge left leg extended
hamstring curl with glider/towel (repeat)