10 Pebbles and an Ipod

I was out with my dog on Sunday, enjoying the sunshine and planning my workout for after my dog walk. It’s always great to change up your training environment so that you come to your workout with renewed energy. The death of progress to any workout plan is to continue to do the same thing day in and day out.

Desi (my boxer) and I were just coming round the bend before my house, when it dawned on me that I was going up hill…a hill! How did I miss this wonderful hill right across my street…duh, guess I am blonde after all…

So, I decided that this was gonna be my gym for the day. I love training outdoors when I can, and I thought I’d share my workout with you in the hopes that you too could also enjoy a sunny outdoor workout.

You need to add some HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio to your workouts to burn fat. You’ll be more fit as well as look and feel better about yourself when you do short burst cardio training.

Here’s my equipment:

My exercise mat, water, IPOD, and I use pebbles to count my sets…

Here are my exercises:

This is a pretty simple 10 set workout:

-sprint up hill

-walk or jog down

-an ab move (I changed my movement each set)

-push ups till you nearly drop (I did 30 each time)

-add a pebble to the mat each set


I timed and recorded my workout (and you should too), so the next time I come around that bend and decide to do a hill workout, I can try to beat my time and reps. Remember that it’s when you constantly strive to challenge yourself that you’ll get into the best shape ever.

Of course the ultimate challenge is to do these hill sprints with pull ups in between each hill sprint. For that you need two things: a pull up bar at the bottom of the hill you’re using, and my program so that you can bust out 10+ pull ups per set. Let me us know if you’re able to find the perfect conditions: a hill and pull up bar and tell us how the workout went for you….