Benches: No Sitting Please!

Got a bench or a bleacher? If not, push a sturdy chair up against a wall in your house. Here’s a great workout for you.

The warm up is less than perfect, I’ll get another up for you soon.

Here’s what you’ll do for 30/05 sets:

incline bench push up
decline push up (or repeat the incline push up)
jumping jacks
bench dips (or DB overhead press)
double bench steps (or single bench step if you don’t have a bleacher and are using a chair)
pulsing squat
right step up lead leg snap
left step up lead leg snap
speed skater lunge jump

Go to your mat for 30/05 sets:

mountain climbers
spider crawl

My suggestion is to repeat these sets, go through them twice for a quick and dirty full body workout.

Give me some feedback people! What do you want to see more of? What is helpful? What needs improvement?