Last 10 Pounds?

Are you struggling with those last 5-10 lbs?

My good friend and fat loss expert, John Romaniello has some cool advice for us.

He’s done a ton of research to determine what kind of training addresses different areas of fat storage. Watch this to learn more:

To sum it up, John explains how a predominance of specific hormones can result in different areas of fat storage. His research proves that different training methods can specifically target different trouble areas.

John is an impressive specimen himself, clearly you can see this in the video…(but try standing next to him and not openly stare)…where was I? Oh yes, that’s it: he knows what he’s talking about. When it comes to training, he can talk all day long and it’s not just talk. He backs it up with research and more importantly: results.

And, good news, if you want to learn more about John and how he can help you, check out his amazing program here.