Human Flag Challenge

It’s fun to find a challenge. Maybe this blog is challenging you to workouts that you’ve never done before.

I like challenges too.

I found the human flag challenge on the internet. It seemed to me that only skater dudes were able to do it, or at least attempt one. I tried to find a ‘how to’ video and had to laugh at the instruction I found. Given the poor instruction I was able to find, I figured that it’s basically up to me to figure this thing out.

So, my challenge is to actually be able to DO the human flag and better yet, to teach you how to do one too.

I’m nothing if I’m not up for a challenge.

Actually, one of the biggest challenges I have is finding a suitable flagpole. Most of those that I find in the gym are square, not round or they’re too fat and I have a hard time getting a grip on them. I’ve yet to find the perfect flag pole to practice on.

So, I’m on a quest to find the perfect flagpole (get your mind outta the gutter peeps!).

I’ll get back to you on my progress. I’ll give you my whole training protocol. I’m going to log my workouts, so I’ll tell you exactly what to do to master the human flag.

Take a look at my progress after a few days of trying to figure this out…proof positive that  I have a long way to go…Ha!

I know how hard you’re working at your personal challenges. Time for me to get to work! I’ll get back to you soon.

Hey, if any of you have any success with the human flag, post a comment for me!