Strength and Cardio Intervals

Here’s the first of a video series for the membership site.

I’ve had many requests to train with me and for those of you that aren’t in my area, this is the next best thing. (Bear with us as we get the best video angles and sound etc down.)

Join in this boot camp circuit that works your upper body, lower body, core and gets your heart pumping in a short and sweet full body workout.

This is a strength and cardio set that you can follow along at home. It lasts about 25 minutes and requires only a set of dumb bells and a small space. (If you want to see this video for the full screen, just click the tab on the lower right hand side of the video box.)

You should give yourself a few minutes (3-5) to warm up. I suggest 5-10 reps of arm circles, body weight squats, jumping jacks or step jacks, calf raises, modified push ups.

By the way, I had a camper wear my Body Bugg and it calculated that she burned 287 calories. Later in the day, I did the workout and the Body Bugg estimated that this mini full body blaster of a workout burned …. calories. In any case, it’s a great calorie burner with a good amount of calories burned AFTER the work out due to an elevated metabolic rate. For example, my pre workout caloric burn per minute was…, but after the workout, I burned …per minute for …minutes after the workout.