Want a Better Booty?

I know that your ‘bum’ may have you bummed out. What’s a girl to do?

Here is my good friend and fitness model Natalia Muntean discussing your booty!

It seems that some people are having issue with the sound on this video. I wanted to provide a re-cap of our conversation. I’ll have more from Natalia soon..

Here are the top two things that Natalia suggests for a better booty:

Nutrition is key! You can’t out train a poor diet, so don’t expect a sweet booty if you’re eating junk. In fact, clear out the junk from your house so that you’re not tempted.

Resistance train! Weight training will not build your legs to gargantuan size. Muscle is more dense that fat and even if you add some muscle to your frame, you should not be getting ‘big legs’ with weight or resistance training. If you are getting ‘bigger’ it’s more a measure of your nutrition than your workouts since women don’t have enough testosterone to build bulky muscles naturally.

More to come from Nataila!