Over Forty Supplements

My good friend, expert and fellow Canuck, Rob King and I have to go to South Cali to meet. He’s from Newfoundland, a 4.5 hour time difference and too many miles to count away. I look forward to seeing him every time we get together at conferences. He’s typically Canadian – sweet, humble, super fun and SO knowledgeable. I wondered why it didn’t dawn on me before to pick his brain for our benefit.

Here’s his supplement advice for us:

Rob just released a fantastic book called “Muscle Building Nutrition” that is fantastic!  I highly recommend you check it out… Don’t let the name of the book fool you…Rob gets you the best info on fat loss and getting that lean, long sexy muscled body that you’re dreaming of.

If you’re interested in checking out Rob’s book, click here: http://www.musclebuildingnutritionbook.com/index.php?hop=fatloss40