Not-So-Sunny California Hotel Gym Workout

Here is a gym workout that Krista & I did while we were on the road in California this past weekend. Since it was not exactly the Sunny Cali that we were hoping for, 🙂 and the rain was coming down in buckets, we hit the hotel gym which was really nothing special to write home about. It most definitely wasn’t the beautiful outdoors, but we made it work with a little equipment and our body weight. It’s fun to train with a friend when you can.





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Here’s the workout:

Use a timer – 30 seconds of each exercise –  5 second rest/transition to get to the next exercise

30 sec – Pull ups/assisted pull ups – 5 sec rest/transition

30 sec – Push ups – 5 sec rest/transition

30 sec – DB Lateral Raise – 5 sec rest/transition

30 sec – Weighted Reverse Lunge – 5 sec rest/transition

30 sec – Squat Jump – 5 sec rest/tansition

30 sec – Weighted Plie Squat – 5 sec rest/transition

30 sec  – Spider Crawl – 5 sec rest/transition

30 sec – Bicycle – 5 sec rest/transition

Repeat this program 3-5 times – and you will be sweating & have a great workout in a short amount of time.

Between each set rest for 30 seconds & then get right back to your next set.

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