Partner Airport Workout

Poor Krista should have known better than to travel with me. It all sounded dandy that I was taking her to sunny California for a conference…little did she know what she’d be in for…

But she’s a great sport and was more than game for this super full body workout that you can do ANYWHERE! You can do this at home or where ever you find yourself with 20 minutes on your hands and in need of a quick workout:

Do 3 sets of this with up to 30 seconds of work and 5 seconds to change exercises:

push up

mountain climber

side plank (do a band row if you have a partner, use a towel to tug of war with no band)

row (use a band or DB)

pulsing squat

high knees

rest 30 seconds

Small bands are brilliant to travel with. You’d be surprised at how many exercises they can be used with and they take up no space at all.

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