Fashion Flash

As always on Mondays, I send you to my ‘other’ favorite blogs for some great tips.

Here’s the link: Fashion Flash!
Love the thought of wearing all white this summer, but worried it will make you look fat?  Find out what the Glam Gals have to say about this worrisome fashion dilemma at Fabulous After 40.
Kari from Fab Over Forty, has found an easy-to-wear shadow palette for nearly every woman over 40 !
This season the skirt is the plus size fashion item that takes center stage and easily transitions from work to casual to evening with ease.
No-Nonsense Beauty Blog looks at the causes and treatment of milia (those annoying white bumps under the skin).
Shawna, Female Fat Loss Over Forty expert, (that’s me!) has valuable information presented by Dr. Peter Osborne regarding gluten sensitivity in this post. It’s a very informative post and has been the answer to a number of client’s issues.