The Soccer Mom Workout

Are you a soccer mom? Hockey mom? Swimming mom? In other words, do you sit in bleachers for any amount of time watching and waiting for someone special (your child) to do their thing?

This seems to be a common issue with many of my clients. You spend all your time driving your kids all over to get their ‘workout’ in, while it leaves you sitting in the car or in the bleachers waiting on them. When is it your time to train?

Well, here’s a great workout that you can do in any set of bleachers while you’re waiting on your kids to finish their thing.

I’ve got five exercises that you can do for a full body workout:

Incline push up – For added intensity, use a lower bench, modify by using a higher step.

Dips – Keep the shoulders right over top of the heel of the hand, keep the chest high so you don’t feel the front of the shoulder.

Pulsing squat – Sit your bum down to the bench, hover and pulse.

Bench step up – Step firmly onto the HEEL of the foot, make sure you keep changing the leg you step up on. If you have two benches, do a double bench step up.

Jumping jacks – Enough said!

Here’s the plan:

30 seconds or 20 reps of each exercise no rest between

25 seconds or 15 reps of each exercise no rest between

20 seconds or 10 reps of each exercise no rest between

Repeat this circuit four times and you have a quick, effective full body workout.

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