Welcome to the Challenge Workout Blog!

I’m Shawna Kaminski and I love challenge workouts. Over the years, I’ve developed some crazy hard workouts that I do myself and others have expressed interest in them. This blog is all about how I train and how I can help you to train and accomplish your fitness goals.

I want to emphasize that I’m all about proper training techniques so that in an effort to become more fit and less fat, you don’t sideline yourself with injury. There’s nothing worse than being all set to challenge yourself and then have to back off on training to nurse an injury.

So, first rule: play/train smart. Form and function trumps all competitiveness.

I know some sweet ‘tricks’ that will help you increase the number of push ups you can do. Most people don’t realize that weak rhomboids and transverse abdominus will restrict the total number of push ups you can do. I’ll show you techniques to strengthen these muscles which will automatically result in more push ups with better form.

Who doesn’t want to be able to rock out 10 pull ups? I know that many of you struggle with getting your first pull up. There’s a definite progression you can follow that’s a sure fire way to get to your first pull up and beyond. It’s also about recruiting the proper muscles. Most people try to pull up with their arms instead of their back. I’ll show you how to engage the stronger muscles of the back to get your chin up and over the bar.

No one has all day to train, neither to I and my goal for the most part is to find ways to increase workout density not workout volume. By increasing the amount of work you can do in less time, you’ll not only feel and look more fit, you’ll see that your stamina improves. You’ll be the well oiled machine that’s able to keep going like the Energizer battery bunny.

Muscle is sexy for men and women, no matter how you look at it, The beauty of the workouts I will present is that they’ll help you develop the long sexy muscles that you desire. Don’t worry about ‘bulking’ up as this is a myth. I’m living proof that you can do amazingly hard and ‘challenging’ workouts without looking like a linebacker (not that there’s anything wrong with how a linebacker looks, it’s just not the look I’m going for!).

Ever get bored with your workouts? Ever reach a plateau? Challenge workouts are for you then. I’ll give you fun workouts that are not only challenging, but they’ll keep you fresh and turned on about your training. Most people like to have a goal or something to shoot for with any kind of training. Challenge workouts do just that – they give you something to strive for, something to quantify so you’ll constantly see your fitness level moving forward. Cuz if you’re not moving forward, you’re never going to reach your fitness results. Who wants to stand still?

I know that even in my late forties, I’m ready to challenge myself physically. I know my body and I want it to work! The fun thing about giving myself physical challenges is that it translates into a mental toughness that I’m able to parlay into other aspects of my life. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I save a ton of money on psychological services due to the fact that I have my workouts and challenges to focus on. I encourage you to do the same. Build some mental toughness through physical challenges and become a better person.