Bikini Beach Workout



Can you beat a bikini workout?

I”m super impressed with my clients for stepping up to the challenge to ‘train anywhere’! It started with the ‘airport workouts’. Then Kelly asked strangers to take pictures of him doing push ups in London Square. And now my super assistant, Krista, is turning heads in the sand with her beach moves. Here’s her account of ‘What I did on my winter vacation….’

So I stepped up to  the challenge that Shawna had laid out before us. I worked out on the beach in Mexico at an all-inclusive BUSY resort 🙂 ~ lucky for me, my husband also worked out with me, so I had him take the pictures and do the video taping. I didn’t have to pull some stranger out of the comfort of their lounge chair, basking in the +34c heat and ask them stand in the sun & take pictures of me sweating! 🙂 (My note: I think Krista would have had a line up of volunteers for this….sorry Kelly, it’s just easier getting someone to take your picture when you’re a pretty girl, especially when you’re wearing a bikini!)

The resort I stayed at had a beautiful indoor/outdoor gym that had everything that I could’ve ever needed or wanted and more. I did use the gym on the first morning because I had to try it out but I did found myself looking around the resort trying to locate “everyday “ things that I could do a workout with. I would walk up to the bar to order a drink & be looking at the stool wondering… mmmm what could I do with that, on that, around that???

Gym in Mexico

I figure I am out & about  doing “life” more than I am at a Gym with fancy equipment, so I  just found things around me that work for breaking a sweat and burning some calories!  Working out anywhere  ~ that’s what works for me!

There was a time when I would plan a holiday away from the cold, work, kids,  just the demands of life, AND I’d take a break from working out!

BUT ALL HAS CHANGED FOR ME!  I have to organize my mind, body and health first. Even on holidays now, I make the time  to train and work on ME. I  make no more excuses!


Walking along the beach is where I found the best workout while I was on my holiday this year. It’s all about thinking outside the box!!  🙂  I have a Gym boss timer that I took with me, and I did a timed set here! 30 seconds of each exercise ~ 10 second rest. I repeated this little rock/sand/sun/beach workout, 3 times ~ It was short, but intense  & got me sweatin!

Dips by the Ocean Dips while watching the waves crash!

Incline Pushups by the Ocean



Incline Push ups while trying to keep my nose from hitting the hot rocks.





Jumping Jacks by the OceanHad to get some cardio in there.. so Jumping Jacks it was.

Step ups by the Ocean Step ups 2 by the Ocean Step ups onto a rock ledge!

Thanks Krista for your inspiration and for sharing your beach workout with us. She really has taken the words ‘train anywhere’ to heart. Can anyone else rise to the challenge? I’d love to share your beach workout, bikini workout or show how YOU ‘train anywhere’! Just comment and I’ll get in touch with you.

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