Challenge Workout!

The challenge is on! Who can beat super camper Kelly Scott?

Here’s something  to do while you are in London!  One of my long time campers,  Kelly was so inspired by my airport workouts that he took it a step further & asked complete strangers to take pictures of him doing different exercises while traveling all over the beautiful city of London, England.

Way to go Kelly!

The bar has been set high ~ bring it on! Can you beat Kelly? Show us different places you’ve done your workouts. I’d love to feature it on my blog, Kelly is an inspiration and you will be too.

Scott Kelly Incline Pushup

Calf raises in front of the Cabinet offices.

Calf Ras in front of the Cabinet Offices

T-Pushups at the London Eye

Scott Kelly

T-push-up helping to turn the London eye.Jumping Jacks at Trafalgar Square

Scott Kelly Jumping Jacks StiJumping jack in Trafalgar square.

ck ups with Big Ben

Scott Kelly Stick ups

Stick-ups with Big Ben.

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