Dieting? A Simple Plan

When it comes to diet, nothing seems to be simple these days. The media often complicates matters as advertisers compete for your dieting dollar. Truth is, no one really wants you to succeed in weight loss. It’s a multi billion dollar biz.


Me on the other hand, I WANT you to succeed at weight loss, fat loss, feeling good in your own skin and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, I’ll tell you the ‘right’ reasons for my desire for you to succeed:

I know how good it feels to be healthy and confident. I know the rewards of strength and energy and fitting into my clothes. I want you to feel this too.

There’s nothing more empowering than to help someone feel empowered too. When you email, call, text, respond to my blog about your successes, I feel a part of your journey and success too. That’s a really good feeling for me.

A more selfish reason for my desire for your success is to prove that my programs actually work so that others will try them. This goes back to the first reason though…I just plain want to help more of you feel your best, (so don’t be too hard on me here).

My advice works if you just apply it consistently. I practice what I preach and anyone that follows what I say succeeds. This may sound a bit arrogant, I guess it is to a certain extent, but I just need you to know that you should have confidence in what I tell you, you should do it and you’ll feel better.


My advice can be like bad medicine at first. It’s tough to swallow, but once you start to reap the rewards you see that it’s all worthwhile.

Ok, so I wanted to give you a few tips to a simplifying your nutrition plan:

1) Be honest with yourself. Take a look at your every day meals and snacks and evaluate the good, bad and ugly.


2) Is there room for improvement? Cut out the junk food and fast food, plain and simple. If you want to reach your goal, this is a no brainer.


3) Make a promise to yourself that ‘nutritional density’ is the key ingredient to all foods that enter your mouth. Ask yourself, will this nourish me? Will this help me reach my goals? If not, make another choice.


4) Start eating 4-6 meals a day, beginning with breakfast. (If you want to be fat, skip breakfast.) This means breaking up your daily calories into smaller meals, rather than adding more food. Eating small meals more often has a twofold purpose. First, it keeps you from getting over hungry and over eating. And secondly, it keeps your metabolism from slowing down. Often, in an effort to cut calories, some will skip meals, only eating 1-2 larger meals a day. This is a mistake, the very act of eating actually helps to raise metabolic rate, so go ahead, eat less, but eat often.

5) Increase protein intake. This is down at #5, when it should be one of the first things you do. Adding protein with every meal has an insulin stabilizing effect which helps to curb your appetite. It is much easier to eat healthily when you aren’t starving.

6) Just by doing the above, you’ll likely notice that this will help you to drop a few pounds. Stay the course. Keep with this healthy eating plan (no junk, more protein, 4-6 small meals/day) until you feel you’ve hit a plateau and are not making any more aesthetic changes. When this happens, drop your calories by 10%, This is likely about 150-180 calories per day. This will ensure slow and steady weight loss that is easier to maintain rather than the rapid weight loss that will yo-yo pounds back on. As well, you won’t feel as hungry and deprived.


7) Allow for a ‘free meal’ once a week. Give yourself a chance to have a small indulgence to look forward to. If you know you’re going to meet up with ‘Miss Vicky’s Chips’ on Saturday night, it’s easier to resist potato chips all week, (rather than thinking that your love affair with Miss Vicky is over for eternity).


8) It goes without saying that you’ll be adding resistance training and HIIT to your life on as many days as humanly possible.

Need a ‘done for you’ solution to help you get started on this TODAY?

I know that planning meals and getting a workout in are often at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list, even when your desire for fat loss results are higher on the priority list.

Fact is, life is busy and sometimes things take a back seat.

But, do you think you could give yourself a 14 day commitment to get your lifestyle back on track?

If you don’t have a plan in place, I have a solution for you: home workouts that burn fat, daily tips and motivation and a two week ‘done for you’ nutrition plan. All for less than the cost of a large pizza.

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