Metabolic Charger Home Workout

Here’s a workout that was a hit in boot camp. The beauty of this workout is that you don’t need much space or equipment.

Okay, so my assistant and I had a little giggling fit around 3:08 in the video because my dog, Desi, makes an appearance and I don’t think you can hear it but he farted (can I say that on my blog??). Ha! I thought Krista was going to fall over but I just kept going, even though I was so distracted. We could have re-filmed, this is def one for the blooper reel!

I suggest using a timer and doing three sets with 45 sec work (for each exercise) on the first set, 35 sec work on the second set and 30 sec work on the third set.

If you’re counting reps, do 20 reps/exercise on set one, 15 reps/exercise on set two and 10 reps/exercise on set three.

Here are the exercises:

  • sprinter lunge to skip hop weak
  • sprinter lunge to skip hop strong
  • dumb bell deadlift (add burpee)
  • push up
  • knee in or bicycle crunch
  • get up or tricep over head press
  • squat jump with quarter turn (optional)
  • DB lateral raise
  • shoulder press/squat
  • stiff legged dead lift
  • DB row weak
  • DB row strong

Let me know your thoughts on this one!