Hotel Workout – What can you do with a chair?

Recently I was in sunny California for a mastermind meeting of boot camp owners. I get super pumped up at these events. There’s something about boot camp owners, so full of energy and zest for life. I love running my boot camp as it gives me opportunity to be face to face with peeps just like you. Aaaand, I get to hear first hand the challenges and issues that you face daily. It’s just great to have my finger on the pulse of a day in the life of…

As usual, I found myself in a hotel with a fitness center full of cardio equipment. I promised you a chair workout a while back, and so I thought this was a perfect time to do one and get it out to you. Excuse the less than perfect camera work, the hazards of rooming alone….

Here you go:

In the video I have the following exercises:

one legged chair step up (weak)

Bulgarian split squat (weak)

One legged chair step up (strong)

Bulgarian split squat (strong)

Squat jump (or squat thrust)

Incline push up

Chair dip

Chair knee in

Jumping jacks (or step jacks)

Rest and repeat

You can use a timer and do:

Set 1: 45 seconds work/5 seconds rest OR 20 reps each exercise

Set 2: 35 seconds work/5 seconds rest OR 15 reps each exercise

Set 3: 25 seconds work/5 seconds rest OR 10 reps each exercise

Let me know how this workout goes for you….love to get your feedback!