Will you ‘do it’ in public?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done? Think hard. I’m sure you can beat me, but I’ve done some pretty strange things…

One strange thing I did was just for you…

As you know, I travel a fair bit. I head to meetings to learn with some of the best fitness trainers from around the world. As much as I try, I can’t always book flights that are direct or that will allow me to fit in a regular workout.

As you may also know, I run a fitness boot camp full of amazing women (confession: sometimes my boot camp is the test kitchen for some of my workouts I present here, sorry girls!). This time, my boot camp girls weren’t the guinea pigs, I was and this also led to one of the stranger thing I’ve done.

I like to get in front of my boot campers as much as possible and still keep the other ‘balls in the air’ of my life. That is, being a mom, biz owner, employer, friend, sister, etc, (you know, just being a woman like the rest of you that wear a zillion hats). On a particular travel day, I wanted to teach all three morning boot camps before hitting the airport. I had a lay over in Vancover so I knew I’d have a bit of time to kill.

I had a ton of great response to this workout that I did while killing airport time, so I thought I’d do another airport workout. In both videos, I try to make it clear that, while I’m a bit of a super strange freak, the workout I present in the video doesn’t have to be done in the airport. They are great little workouts that you can do in your living room without creating the public spectacle that I do.

Do these workouts at home…or not! I’d love to put out a challenge…where did you do this or any other workout?

Where’s the strangest place you stopped and dropped for 20?

Okay, so onto my story….

I got to Vancover and found my gate. I saw that I had about 30 minutes to kill. I wondered what I’d do in this workout, but I knew I wanted to train back, chest, legs and core with a hint of cardio. I saw that the seats were pretty full, so it wasn’t possible to do any sort of bench steps or incline push up type circuit. (I’ll get one like that to you at some point. A bench is an awesome fitness tool that can be found pretty much anywhere, so I promise to get one like that to you soon.)

I saw an empty corner and better yet, it had some kind of rail that would be amazing for pull ups. I make sure I get in 100 push ups and 25 pull ups daily, so this would allow me to do a modified pull up, perfect.

I planned the workout in my head. Then I scoped the waiting area of bedraggled travelers. This is when strange went to stranger… I asked a complete stranger to video tape me.  Once I settled on an older bored looking man and set him up with my mini video camera, I spotted another man standing close to my exercise area. I handed him my iPhone and asked him to snap a few action shots. I needed proof that not only did I do the exercises in the video, but I did the whole workout.

What kind of person does this?

Admittedly, a strange one.

I have to say that doing the workout was for me, but the documenting of this was out of love…for you. I wanted to show you that you can train anywhere and I want to encourage you to get off the couch and do it. You don’t have to start in an airport.

Because I train on a regular basis and feel good in my own skin, I feel confident to pretty much train in a public place and ask a stranger to document it. I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me. In fact, I walked to find water after my workout, and met a lovely lady, Sanjeet-I hope you’re reading this- and she was inspired. I gave her my card and told her this workout would be up here for her to do at home. So even if it’s only Sanjeet that benefits from the spectacle I made, then making a scene was worth it to me.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the workout:

Pull ups (this can be replaced with a row if you have something heavy to heave)

Push ups

Spider crawl

Squats or squat jumps

Wall sit/stick ups

I did 4 rounds that included 30 seconds of each exercise with a 30 second rest after the last exercise.  My mini workout took only about 12 minutes but left me in a sweaty puddle. (Lucky for my seat mate, there was an empty seat in between us on the next flight so she didn’t have to enjoy the ‘fruits of my workout’ sweaty armpits!)

If you don’t have any sort of timing device, count reps. Try 10-15 reps of each exercise with a short rest and repeat.

And that’s it.

This was another strange way to get a workout in. I felt great and I hope I’ve inspired you to get off the couch.

If you need some more ideas for cool workouts on the go, check out my program at www.FemaleFatLossOver40.com.  There’s a ton of great ideas for you to take on the go with you.

Then get a little adventurous and try it at your kid’s soccer practice or a waiting room somewhere or maybe even an airport…

And be sure to share with us!

I promise to get a public bench workout up right away, ha, I’ll even book a special flight so I have an airport to sit around, if I get 20 comments. Tell us about your workouts and if you had the courage to ‘do it’ in public.

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