Workout Interrupted….now what?

My days get pretty hairy, just like yours.

Last week, I made one of the best decisions ever by hiring an assistant. That is, one with opposable thumbs, Desi doesn’t count even though he’s in the office with me every waking moment. My assistant is amazing and aside from having a riot in the office, we’re actually getting some work done. I need to spend a lot of time with her at the start since there’s a ton of processes and procedures to learn and we’re taking some time to get these in place. So, I’m spending until 3 pm with her in the office Monday to Friday.

This is a switch up for me since I’ve been my own boss now for a long time and I’ve pretty much done what I want when I want. I know I’ll get back to that, but for now it’s sort of office-type hours.

My dilemma is when to train. Krista (super assistant) comes to boot camp so she gets her workout in early (so jealous!), and I used to train at about noon on boot camp days. (I’d come home, have my coveted coffee and pop into my garage which is a fully decked out gym.)

Now I like to spend the afternoon with her so we can be more productive….so when to train?

On Friday, I planned on getting to the gym right after she left. I thought I’d train hard for an hour and have plenty of time to get my son to his basket ball tournament. One thing after another happened, as is the case when you train and work at home…and I didn’t hit the gym until 3:30. My son comes barreling in the door and said that we had to leave in 25 minutes for the game.


Oh well, this is life. I had 25 minutes to do a super charged workout and if I went a little sweaty to the basketball tournament, I thought I could possibly sit behind the bench and blame the hard working players…

I’ve made it a habit of doing 100 push ups and 25-30 pull ups daily so I added these in between the small space cardio set I did here with my boot camp (in the following video). I did one five minute tabatta then 33 push ups/10 pull ups and repeated this set three times.

I went to the tournament a little stinky and bedraggled, but I managed to pummel my body in a super short time. I felt great, I beat the clock again.

I try not to let anything get in the way of my workouts, but when something does, I can always find a way to get around it. I have a hundred years (well, almost half that) of experience under my belt and can pull a workout or idea out at the drop of a hat. It may not be as easy for you. If you need some support, my home program is a great resource.

You can check it out here:

Now here’s that video you’ve been waiting for:

40/20 Timing Small Space Cardio Set

40 seconds of mountain climbers/20 sec of rest

40 seconds of jumping jacks/20 sec of rest

40 seconds of speed skater lunge jumps/20 sec of rest

40 seconds of lateral lunges/20 sec of rest

40 seconds of mountain climbers/20 sec of rest

Follow by a set of push ups/DB rows

Rest 30 sec to 1 min

Repeat 2-3 times

Give this a try whether you’re in a rush like I was the other day, or whether you’re just looking to get super hot and sweaty and out of breath [I’m telling you, if you do this stuff enough, you’re gonna wanna  get hot and sweaty and out of breath  more often, and I don’t mean by doing mountain climbers, if you know what I mean 😉 ]

Again here’s more fun  ideas:

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