Are You Tough Enough?

Tracy provided this killer workout at boot camp a little while ago, and as promised, she sent it my way to pass on to you.

Here goes:

Take breaks along the way. You can need to complete the total number of reps, but you can break down the items and come back to them to finish it off. For example, do 5 sets of 10 push ups or 2 sets of 25 push ups instead of 50 in a row.

2 Laps Running or 100 skips

50 Pushups

25 shoe touches

20 Reverse Crunches – hip lift

20 Glute bridge/hip lift (foot in air by knee – 10/side)

I0 inchworms

60 Bicycle Crunches/Knee ins

60 Jumping jacks

Do the following with weights:

20 Squats

20 Bent over rows

20 Bicep Curls

20 tricep extensions

20 shoulder press

300 skips

Forward walking lunge 25m, backwards walking lunges back  (or 25 lunges/leg stationary)

Army men or plank walk 25m, or hold plank one min

Finish off with a fast lap

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