Last Call, 3 spots left (hurry)

clock I had a feeling I was going to get a bunch of people who were interested in my new 14 Day Fat Flush  program, but I had no idea it was going to sell out in only two days.

I originally had 15 spots open, and since the email this past Wednesday I only have three spots available for the 14 day fat flush program. And since it’s only $67 the spots sold out quickly.

But you can still get one of the three remaining spots if you call me at 403 608 5810 or reply to this email and tell you that you want in.

The program starts this Monday, Nov 8th at the Calgary West Soccer Center.

And, in case you missed the last email, here are the details of the 14 day fat flush program:

The program is simple in it’s brilliance. You’ll come and workout with me three to five days per week for two weeks (14 days), and eat the foods that I’ve outlined for you in the program. It’s simple actually – just read it and eat it and the results will come.

You will experience soreness in your muscles. Nothing too bad, but definitely some soreness letting you know that you just had an awesome workout.

And the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet. I’m totally against starvation diets. It’s actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 14 days.

So be sure to take one of the three remaining spots and join us this Monday, Nov 8th at the Calgary West Soccer Center for the kick start of your 14 day fat flush program.

To lock in your spot just call me at 403-608-5810 or reply to this email with your phone number or BETTER YET, just go to this site to register

Looking forward to seeing you this Monday clip_image001


PS And for those of you that don’t live in Calgary, you can benefit from my online product. I made it for this reason: I want to help more ladies than I can possibly fit into my boot camps.

So you should head to over HERE to check out the success stories and read more.