Fitness Magic Bullet?

Are you tempted by products that claim to help you:
“lose 10lbs in one week”
“6 days to 6 pack abs”
“30lbs in 30 days with our shake program” etc etc
Are you kidding me?
I just want to say that there are many fitness trainers out there that will even flog these sorts of things and I want to warn you that the only thing that will lighten up is your wallet.
I will not promote any product that I don’t use myself or that I feel the only benefit is to increase my bottom line.
Do you want safe and long lasting weight loss results?
Don’t try to shortcut this journey. There is NO MAGIC BULLET. If there were, then everyone would ready to step onto the cover of Shape magazine.
The magic bullet is consistent effort in your training and at your training table.
And the bonus benefit is that you’re going to feel great and be healthier in the process.
And there are some training secrets to success.
I’ll tell you that my clients have been impressed with the Female Fat Loss Over 40 program. It’s not a gimmick. It’ll provide you with the information you need to fit into your jeans better and have energy to spare.
And by the way, I promise I’ll share a tip I use to help me meet my fitness and fat loss goals next post.
Do you have any fitness ‘magic bullets’ to share??