Ten pebbles, a hill and an IPOD

I was out with my dog on Sunday, sort of lamenting the end of summer and thinking about the great hill workouts I had at my summer home. Fall comes fast in Calgary where I live, and I know I won’t be able to have many outdoor workouts till spring.

Desi (my boxer) and I were just coming round the bend before my house, when it dawned on me that I was going up hill…a hill! How did I miss this wonderful hill right across my street…duh, guess I am blonde after all…

So, I decided that this was gonna be my gym for the day. I love training outdoors when I can, and I thought I’d share my workout with you in the hopes that you too could also enjoy a few last outdoor workouts before the fall hits too hard.

Here’s my equipment:

My exercise mat, water, IPOD, and I use pebbles to count my sets…

Here are my exercises:

This is a pretty simple 10 set workout:

-sprint up hill

-walk or jog down

-an ab move (I changed my movement each set)

-push ups till you nearly drop (I did 30 each time)

-add a pebble to the mat each set

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