Eat Out and Eat Less!

The trouble with eating out is that you may tend to over eat. And if you go out and you’re super hungry, it can be a double edged sword. I have a few tips for you so that when you do eat out, it won’t be a nutrition disaster.

Before you leave the house, or 15-30 minutes before you get to the restaurant, eat your body weight divided by 10 in grams in protein. Protein triggers the brain faster than any other nutrient that the stomach is full. By the time you arrive at the restaurant your brain already has the “eat less” signal.

For example, I weigh about 125 lbs, so I’ll have 10-12 g of protein before I go into a situation so I’ll be less tempted with foods that aren’t as nutritionally supportive.

This may be something as simple as 8 oz of skim milk, a hard boiled egg, edamame, half a high quality protein bar or a handful of almonds.

Another easy thing to do is to eat something high in fiber and drink water.

My 4 pm trick trick (click link)  helps me whether I’m eating out or cooking my own dinner.

Physillium is virtually calorie free and it helps you stay regular as it fills you up.

If physillium isn’t for you, try to eat food higher in fiber like berries or an apple with the skin.

You need to eat a minimum of six times a day and maybe you need to have an extra snack before you’re faced with a meal that will sabotage your nutritional program.

Your best bet for appetite control would be to have a small amount of protein and fiber in combination.
When you go out, you’ll  still be hungry enough to ENJOY the food you love, but you’ll be less likely to over eat.

Try this trick tonight, or whenever you plan to eat out again. It’s very simple and actually quite obvious when you think about it. So while others are getting fatter when they eat out, you’ll stay true to your nutrition plan and on track for your goals.

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