Inner Thigh Problem?

Recently I got an email asking what a lady could do to tighten up her inner thigh area. I promised a blog post about the issue as I thought if this was an issue for her, it may be for others.

I want to encourage you to email me or post comments on the blog so that I can provide relevant info for you. I’m happy to research or find answers to any of your fitness and nutrition related questions!

Onto the inner thighs…For one, you can’t spot reduce an area on the body, as you may already know. Your body, in it’s infinite wisdom, will store or deposit fat where it chooses to. Sadly, it’s not usually in the area that we would prefer! And often times, the first place to add fat is the last place to lose it. So, if you add fat in the inner thigh area, you may lose some weight/inches in the upper body first, and then as you become leaner, the last place for you to tighten up may be the main spot you were interested in losing inches in the first place! So, stay the course, maintain your fitness and fat loss routine and eventually you will lose in the area that you want.

Just because you can’t spot reduce, you can significantly improve the appearance of an area with muscle building exercise.

This may be the area that you carry some extra adipose (fat) so diet is key. You need to make long term modifications to include lots of lean protein and tons of fruits and veggies.

Any compound movement for legs is going to hit the inner thigh area. My fav’s are squats and lunges. You can also do the lateral lunge too as this really stretches and lengthens the inner thigh muscles.

A great inner thigh tightening circuit that you could do at home will also include HIIT, or high intensity interval training to raise your metabolism, get your heart rate elevated and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Here’s an example:

Count down set (start at 10 reps, go down to 1 rep per exercise):

10 squats, 10/leg rev lunge, 10/leg lateral lunge, 10 squat jumps

Squat jump 1
Squat jump 2