Airport Spectacle: 200 Reps to Embarrassing Your Travel Companions

If you think you hang with peeps that are embarrassing, you haven’t spent much time with me!

On one of my trips, I needed to get in a quick workout and had NO time to do it. I was waiting around in the airport and guess what? There was a perfectly good corner of space and I had 30 minutes to kill. Realistically, I could have done this quick workout later in the day, upon my arrival, but my energy fades as the day wears on and I like to train when my energy is high. That way it’s easier for me to sit still on my flight and no one wants me doing these exercises on the plane! (Note: I don’t have any one that likes to travel with me, I wonder why…)

Now, keep in mind that if you’re not comfortable doing this in public, that this is a great workout for you to do at home, in your hotel room, camping, where ever. Don’t feel like you need to make a spectacle of yourself like I did. (What I think is hilarious is that if you watch the faces of those around me in the video, you’ll see that they don’t even notice this crazy woman jumping all over the place! You’d be surprised at how little others care what you’re doing. And if they do, so what!)

So enjoy the video, but more than that: Do the workout!

And tell me: would you do this in public?? Where do you plan on doing this workout. COMMENT!

Airport Workout 2 from Shawna Kaminski on Vimeo.

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