Summer Holiday Hill Sprints

Holiday Hill Sprints from Shawna Kaminski on Vimeo.

Looking for a great workout in a short amount of time? Here you go!

We have this awesome hill leading to our condo in Peachland, BC, so it’s the focus of this workout.

For me, I did 10 sets with 30 push ups/30 knee ins between each sprint. I walked/jogged down the hill and I want you to be careful on the way down the hill. This is where your knees can be irritated if you’re prone to that sort of issue. As you can see, I’m not a powerhouse sprinter (keep in mind that I had to haul my videographer/son off the beach from playing volley ball and he didn’t show up till set 6!). If sprinting is too much, then just walk the hill and swing your arms.

(I’m telling you exactly what I did, because lots of you ask how I train.)

So, where ever you are, go find a hill and blast out a quick workout.

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