7 Sets to Super Toned!

As promised, my pal Lindsay Vastola and I put together this awesome hotel workout for you. We meet up every six weeks or so to meet with the best fitness trainers from around the country. Although we have a ton of work to do and people to meet, we always want to provide you with some real life solutions to address your fitness needs.


This is a great workout that will hit all muscle groups, your cardio and it’s great for fat burning  All you need is a towel and a partner, in fact, you don’t even need a partner if you’re traveling alone and don’t have one. I”ll give you alternative exercises for those partner exercises.


Take a look at the video here:

FemaleFatLossOverForty/7 Sets to Super Toned from Shawna Kaminski on Vimeo.

As you can see, Lindsay and I did this mini workout with a 15 second work 10 second rest timing for the sake of the video. We suggest that if you’re a beginner, then you try this same timing. If you have a moderate level of fitness try the 30 second work and10 second rest timing and if you’re advanced, try 45 work and 15 second rest timing.


Here are the exercises:

  • push up hand slap (straight push ups with no partner)

  • plank/jump squat (plank with no partner)

  • switch above (jump squat with no partner)

  • high knees/squat pulse (pulse squat with no partner)

  • switch above (high knees)

  • towel row right arm (stick ups with no partner)

  • towel row left arm (prisoner squat with no partner)



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female fat loss over forty travel workout