Standing Abs

I got this email and thought I’d share it with you. I thought you may benefit from the solution that follows as well.

I have arthritis and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. It is very difficult for me to get down on the floor, let alone back up.  What core routine can I work on that does not have me getting down on the ground. I really need to get my core in shape to help with my posture and my overall health. I walk. about 60 minutes a day for my cardio, but I know I really need to work on my strength training to get strong, I am becoming weak all over. Thanks for all you do to help women to get and stay in shape.

My response:

This is difficult if you can’t get to the floor easily.

Here are some suggestions for core building exercise without getting to the floor:

Do a plank on a low coffee table or bench. And while you’re at it, do some incline push ups. This will strengthen your upper body while forcing your core to provide stability.

You could try a standing DB wood chop.

Or in my program I have the seated cross punch, but you could do them standing.

There is also a band diagonal twist that could target the abs.

You could also do some DB rows that will target the obliques and serratus.

Remember that you need to strengthen your core, but you can’t spot reduce, so don’t be disappointed if the core gets stronger but you still have some body fat there. You need HIIT and strength training to help get rid of some of your body fat, coupled with a nutritionally dense diet.

For more detailed pictures and descriptions, you can get the Female Fat Loss Over Forty program.

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