Cheat Your Way Thin

I know that I always say that dieting is your best way to slow your metabolism and gain weight. All things counter productive to what you actually want to achieve. You should know by now that my goal for you is to learn how to eat nutritionally dense foods in proper proportion to achieve life long weight loss and optimal health.

This all sounds great. But, how and where do you learn to do this? Nutritional education is a time consuming and life long process. What if you want results now??

Here’s the thing, a colleague of mine, Joel Marion, has some answers for you that you may be interested in. You know how this week we’ve been talking about how your metabolism tanks when you consistently give it the same low amount of calories day in and day out? He’s developed a program that cycles your calories and allows you to have days where you can actually eat pretty much anything. His diet is called Cheat Your Way Thin.

It’s all about coupling exercise and nutrition along with properly timed cheat days to fool your body into letting go of some of that extra fat. The problem with low calorie diets is that your body is so efficient it will learn to ‘get by’ on fewer and fewer calories, so eventually, you’ll have lowered your metabolism to the point that you an practically look at food and you’ll gain weight. This is no way to live.

Joel really knows his stuff. He was the winner of the Body for Life Transformation challenge in 2001 himself. He has an honours degree in exercise science and has been featured in pretty much every fitness publication on the planet. He’s been around and he’s helped thousands of people just like you.

The trick with Joel’s stuff, just like anything else, is that you have to do it. If you’re motivated and willing to make the effort, then take a look at what he has to offer. If you’re only willing to throw money at something and then not even look at the cool resources he has for you, then save your money and time. You’re obviously not ready to make the changes you need.

Joel’s stuff is really great for those of you that need some support on a daily basis. What to eat, when to eat. I don’t advocate this sort of thing for the long term, but my goal for you is to learn the ‘principles’ of this method and so that in the process you’ll learn the system so that you’ll soon be making your own nutritional choices that support your weight loss and maintenance.

The bonus to this program is that for those of you that really need to ‘cheat’ you’ll love this system. He has built in cheat days that are scientifically proven to raise your metabolism and trick your body into letting go of extra calories.

Remember how I was saying before that if you’re consistently lowering your calories then your metabolism will tank and you’ll end up gaining weight even eating less and less calories. This is a program that will cycle your caloric intake so that this never happens.

If you need to start with a ‘done for you program’ for diet, this is a great one for you or someone you love that you knows would do well with a diet that allows those cheat days.

You can check it out here: Cheat Your Way Thin

You know I don’t advocate a lot of things, but I know Joel and I know that his clients get the results, so you’ll be interested in taking a look.