Killer No Equipment Travel Workout

www.FemaleFatLossOver40/KillerNoEqpmtTravelWorkout from Shawna Kaminski on Vimeo.

Check out this awesome travel workout that I did on my latest business trip. As always I made up the set and then once I do that, I make myself stick to it. I have to say that this one nearly killed me. Ten tri-sets, as you’ll see in the video may be a little much. You may only do five sets, or break the workout up so that you get a break half way through.

I loved this workout though because it was super fast and super hard. I wanted to target my core and it was ON FIRE!

My challenge to myself is to do 200 push ups a day. I suggest you set some kind of physical challenge that you hold yourself accountable for every day. If you’re not in any kind of organized fitness program, at least it’s a start. I’m an avid trainer as you know, and I love to do this sort of thing for myself. It’s a fun challenge and I’ve noticed an improvement in upper body and core strength. Plus, it’s a mental challenge to make myself get down to it even when I don’t want to. Today my son and I did the push ups together for fun and we decided to use my dog’s squeaky ball as a measure of depth so we didn’t cheat. We ended up laughing too hard as my dog decided to get in on the action as he tried to steal the ball while we did push ups over top.

What will you challenge yourself too? Let’s inspire each other! Give me a comment!

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