Canmore Resort Workout for You at Home

I thought I’d share the killer workout the ladies and I did in Canmore on the first day of our getaway.  The park I wanted to go to was teaming with kids, so I thought I’d keep the girls in the resort gym and show them a great home or travel workout.

Six peeps had to train in a tiny little space with a minimum of equipment. Notice that we stayed clear of the cardio machines?  We didn’t use much of the other machines either, they’re just too finicky to get set in a short time. I’m a big fan of body weight and DB movements for quick transitions. Ask the ladies, this was a huge cardio workout and we had the added benefit of resistance training to build our muscles.

The best way for you to time this is with my audio program, or you can use a gymboss. We did four sets of 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds to move to the next exercise. We took about one minute in between sets. Here are the exercises:

  1. push up
  2. get up
  3. DB deadlift (burpee optional)
  4. DB row (we did the lat pull down)
  5. weighted reverse bench step
  6. ham curl with stability ball

This is an awesome workout and you can do it in about 30 minutes. Give it a try, better yet, recruit someone else (or 5 other friends) and rock this circuit like we did.

Adventure Boot Camp- Canmore Circuit from Shawna Kaminski on Vimeo.

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