My 4pm Secret Weapon

Hey, how many of you do really well with your nutrition until just before supper? By the time 4 pm rolls around, how many of you fall totally off your program and eat anything in sight? Then you eat less dinner but get hungry by 8 or 9 pm and snack too much before bed. Sound familiar?

I used to be you. It was such a frustrating feeling to lose control and blow it. As I dialled in my nutrition, I learned a few tips that I’m going to share with you, and I’m going to tell you one extra tip…my secret weapon at 4 pm.

-Start eating 4-6 meals a day, beginning with breakfast.  (If you want to be fat, skip breakfast.)  This means breaking up your daily calories into smaller meals, rather than adding more food.  Eating small meals more often has a twofold purpose.  First, it keeps you from getting over hungry and over eating.  And secondly, it keeps your metabolism from slowing down.  Often, in an effort to cut calories, some will skip meals, only eating 1-2 larger meals a day.  This is a mistake, the very act of eating actually helps to raise metabolic rate, so go ahead, eat less, but eat often.

-Increase protein intake.  Adding protein with every meal has an insulin stabilizing effect which helps to curb your appetite.  It is much easier to eat healthily when you aren’t starving.

-Drink more! Water that is. Staying hydrated is important to curb appetite.

And my secret weapon? Psyllium.

Around 3 or 4pm when I start to get hungry I take about a tablespoon in water and it fills me up. I usually have a small snack with this and I’m good until dinner time. By the way, drink a ton of water with this and start off with a smaller amount (a teaspoon) and work up to a tablespoon.

There are a variety of psyillium products on the market, but I go to the health food store and just buy psyillium husks, plain, unflavoured, nothing fancy. If you buy the commercial products, they are fine as long as you make sure that there is no added sugar. Sugar seems to be a nasty culprit that winds up everywhere and in everything. Read the label carefully.

The added bonus of feeling full is also being as regular as clockwork. I know this isn’t a pretty subject, but talk to any internist and they’ll tell you the importance of it.

I feel energized and healthy and I don’t eat the kitchen sink while I’m making dinner. You may want to give it a try to see if that helps those 4 pm growlies.