Boot Camp Ab Series for Home

I thought you might enjoy the CONTENT of this video, even if it makes you a little dizzy to watch it. (Junior videographer at work and a new camera…trust me, these videos can only get better!)

Here we are ending a boot camp session with a 4 minute ab series. Pay attention to the cues on form how to modify or intensify each movement.

The biggest mistake many make when training the core is that they will try to do the ‘hardest’ movement they can find. Sadly, they are often not training the intended muscles, but rather are straining the neck, hip flexors and back muscles. Slow down and pay attention to where you are ‘feeling the burn’. If you don’t feel your core engaged, it’s not!

Remember the ‘cough test’ when trying to engage the TA (transverse abdominus). Lay on your back with your legs bent and your hands just inside the hip bones. Force a cough and feel how your abdominals contract. This is the muscle that you need to engage when training. I always describe it as ‘pulling your belly button in towards the spine’.

Good luck with your ab training and please let me know if you have any questions or how I can continue to support your efforts of fat loss and fitness on the home front!