Training on the Road…

I’m on the road with the fam this Easter weekend and I don’t have much internet access. I wanted to remind you that you can train anywhere and I’ll keep you posted on how I’m training via mobile updates on Facebook.

Today it was intervals using bodyweight only since I had no access to any equipment. I did a combo of mountain climbers, squat jumps and lateral lunge intervals with the 20/10 audio tracks. Then I added an ab mini circuit with the 50/10 track and a push up, get up, stick up, squat interval with the 30/05 track. I repeated each 5-6 minute interval twice for just over 30 minutes of heart pounding work. It gave me a taste of what outdoor bootcamp was like again, so I can’t wait to get training outside again soon.

You’re only limited with your imagination with this sort of training, but until you can imagine these combinations, my e-book will give you the support you need.

For my boot campers, we have a week off till we’re back in the dome. Get off the couch and get in a woorkout every day or second day and you’ll feel better for it. Check out the other workouts here on the blog or check out my e-book to get a ton more workouts.

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