Your Body: Pinto or Porsche?

If you could choose, which would you be?



If you notice anything negative about any city these days, it might be its growing traffic concerns.

Once, when sitting in traffic, I realized that people spend a fortune on their vehicles.  I know that having a vehicle is a necessity because usually walking or cycling anywhere is just not an option for most. I understand that a vehicle is a major priority and expense.  Moving from A to B is required, so it’s worth the investment to keep the car reliable and moving.  Spending money, and sometimes big money, on transportation is a no-brainer.

I wonder why people don’t look at their own bodies the same way.  Your body is the only one you get and yet, many people are willing to spend more time, money and energy on their car than on the most basic form of transportation.  Aside from the fact that walking anywhere  is often out of the question, walking is a necessity.  People will max out their line of credit to ensure they are driving the fanciest, ‘bells and whistles’ car, but will settle for the Ford Pinto body.  Are our priorities correct?  Would it make more sense to take care of your body first, and then spend money on the fancy car?  Many people do spend time, money and energy on the health of their bodies.  Many don’t.

There is health and then there is good health.  Most people are lucky enough to enjoy basic health, but they don’t spring for the bonus of good health.  By ‘good health’ I mean more than the ability to walk from couch to fridge, but having the energy, strength and endurance to really ‘go the distance’.  I’m convinced that if people could experience how it feels to own a finely tuned body, they would value it and invest more to maintain it.  It’s much like test driving the Porsche, and driving home in the Pinto. This is also a no-brainer.   This is unfortunate, because unless you invest in yourself, you will never drive the Porsche version of your body.

Failing health seems to be an accepted fact of aging, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.  Is it time to re-evaluate your priorities?   Are you relying and investing in your vehicle more than yourself?  Are you spending money on the fashions which cover up your body, rather than improving the functions of your body itself?  Looking good is important, and feeling your best is unbeatable.  Perhaps your time and money would be better spent on the mechanics of your body rather than just the paint job.  It’s never too late, no matter what your age, to improve your physical fitness.  The upsides of investing in a fitness program are improved function and aesthetics.  You are buffing up the outside and tuning up the inside for the ride of your life.