Women’s Fat Loss Workouts (triceps)

Women’s fat loss workouts need to include resistance training along with high intensity interval training. Resistance training need not be done in a gym. You’d be surprised at how effective a workout can be had with body weight alone.

One of my favorite women’s fat loss workouts includes theses exercises:

-the push up

-the dip

-the squat

-the plank

-stationary sprint


I suggest you do these in your bathroom and make use of the tub! Do the push up on an incline on the edge of the tub. As well, do the dips on the edge of the tub. Squat your butt down to the edge of the tub and then drop to the floor for your plank. Finish with a stationary sprint with your knees as high as you can bring them.

Start with 20 seconds of each exercise, work up to 30 seconds of each exercise. Repeat the set up to four times for a 12 minute full body workout at home.