Women’s Fat Loss Workout (calves)

If you’re looking for women’s fat loss workouts, you’ve come to the right place. You can check right here on my blog to find a ton of women’s fat loss workouts.

In the video linked here, you’ll see that I give my favourite calf exercises. These can be incorporated into a variety of circuits, but remember that you need to add high intensity interval training in order to strip away the fat. Actually, sudies show that resistance training is more effective at stripping away fat than long slow cardio alone. But your best bet is to include resistance training AND high intensity interval training.

A cool circuit would include hill sprints and at the top of the hill, do 20-30 calf raises as your active recovery. Do an easy jog down the hill and repeat. Hill repeats are a great way to develop your calves, especially if you run uphill on your toes, as well, they will help burn fat.