How Do I Download an E-Book?

Female Fat Loss Over Forty
Female Fat Loss Over Forty

Many people are wondering what my e-book is about. If you’re interested in having some support for home workouts, then this is going to be of interest to you. You’ll get an exercise library and the direction you’ll need to train at home. Even if you know that this will help you, the delivery may be intimidating for you.

I don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence, but since  I’m getting lots of questions about  how to download my e-book I thought I’d go through this with those that are new to this sort of thing…

My e-book is a downloadable product that you get delivered from the internet. You have the opportunity to save it to your computer and then later print it (if you want the physical copy).  After you decide to make my e-book purchase, you will be brought to a download page that will automatically open after your purchase. This is an important page as it contains the links to your products. You can bookmark this page on your computer if you’d like so that if you don’t get your download completed, you will be able to come back to it. If you lose this page, contact me and I will resend it to you.

This is a snap shot of part of my download page for my e-book (I’ve circled in red to ‘right click and save target as’):

download page

You’ll see six icons and three music downloads. For each icon, you need to right click on it and ‘save target as’.  A box will pop up to direct the save, I suggest you choose the desktop to save each download. You may want to choose your own name for each download that will make sense to you (if you don’t think you’ll remember my names of the files).

After you’ve saved each file,  go to your documents and create a folder and name it ‘Female Fat Loss Over Forty’. You can then move each saved product into that folder so you’ll know where to find it on your computer.

For the audio files, you can either save them directly in a computer file or put them into your music library such as I-tunes. From there the downloads can be copied to a CD that can be played or put onto an MP3 player (an Ipod for example).

I can walk you through the process if you need more support. I know that many of you have yet to save your e-book. You know you won’t get results by just making the purchase! I need you to download it and get training with it. I know that this sounds a bit complicated, but it’s easier than it sounds. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. And for those of you with children, really, wasn’t helping you with changing technology the whole reason for having them?