Women’s Fat Loss Routine (hamstrings)

In any women’s fat loss routine the hamstrings should be worked. These are muscles that not only add shape to the leg, they provide functional assistance in every movement. It’s common to have a muscle imbalance between quad strength and hamstring strength, so working the hamstrings on a regular basis will not only improve the look of your legs, but will help you avoid injury.

My favourite hamstring exercises include the stiff legged deadlift, the Bulgarian split squat and the reverse bridge.

Now these exercises alone will not give you the legs of your dreams. You also need to strip away the fat that is covering these lovely muscles. The best way to do this is of course through sound nutrition and high intensity interval training. I can’t say enough about how these two things will bring out muscle tone to all body parts.

And don’t be discouraged if your lower body isn’t responding as quickly as your upper body when it comes to muscle tone. Often times women carry fat in the lower body more and this is the last place for it to vacate, not good news I know, perhaps Mother Nature’s little trick on us.

In any case, stay the course of nutritionally sound diet, HIIT and add the muscle building exercises in the video link above.