Women’s Fat Loss Diet (inner thighs)

Many of you are looking for a women’s fat loss diet. It’s all fine and good to want to look at your nutrition. In fact, it’s imperative. Including lean proteins, tons of fruits and veggies and low gylcemic carbs is your best bet to fuel your body and lose the junk in your trunk.

You also should include some resistance training. Your goal is to add metabolically active tissue to your frame. If you carry around a little more muscle, you will burn more calories at rest than carrying the same amount of fat. With a solid nutrition plan and adding some lean muscle mass through resistance training, you’re sure to meet your fitness and fat loss goals.

Check out the video linked to this post for some of my favourite inner thigh exercises. Including these exercises will help tone those inner thigh muscles while your nutritionally supportive diet will help strip away that excess fat.